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Unlocking new science
with the power of digital health

Digital measures provide a more patient centric perspective of what matters most. These measures are significant to the scientific community in providing more efficient ways to prove efficacy of new drug developments in clinical trials. 


Regulators need comparable measures and measurement methods for drug approval. These measures and methods should adhere to protocols that are broadly accepted and adopted by the scientific community and, if so - provide the required standards of comparison needed.


DEEP  accelerates the adoption of digital measures through:

  • Interactive catalogues of digital measurement components with their associated protocols and adopted standards.

  • A collaborative platform for the co-creation, validation and re-use of digital measurement  solutions and their associated components.

DEEP value proposition

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Increased Effectiveness

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Cost reduction icon.png



A more efficient way to develop novel endpoints and more cost effective with collaboration

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Faster trial execution icon.png


Trial Execution

Take drugs tomarket faster (with digital endpoints in DCT, earlier signal detection in phase 2 to start phase 3 trial)

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Higher acceptance rate icon.png


Acceptance Rate

Harmonized approach has a higher chance of getting acceptance for a novel endpoint

Higher likelihood of approval and reimbursement of the drug.

Scientific Value icon.png



Clinical meaning and differentiation from others to increase approval

Join us to shape the future of these transformative new ways of working...

digital cat

Looking for a  quicker, easier way to create digital measurement solutions for your clinical trials?

DEEP Digital Component Catalogues

Explore harmonised measurement components that can be re-used and repurposed

Analyse the connected definitions, technical and analytical standards and linked evidence

Discover the building blocks you need for your digital measurement solution

DEEP provides a secure environment for private, public or shared catalogues.

Deep catalogue graphic.png
Co-create solutions with industry experts
and integrated feedback from regulators!

DEEP missions enable pre-competitive multi-stakeholder co-creation of standards and solutions - with integrated and dynamic regulatory interactions

Why launch a DEEP mission?
  • To align on definitions for novel endpoints

  • To co-create and validate a digital measurement solution 

  • To seek regulatory acceptance from a regulatory agency

Pre-competitive collaboration

Integrated regulatory feedback

Deep mission graphic.png

Co-creating standards and solution

An Ecosystem of Services

DEEP aims to be a trusted provider and facilitator that enables a thriving marketplace for digital measures.  DEEP will enable safe collaboration and transactions between measurement component owners and service providers in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, care management and academia.  

DEEP Specialist Services

Discovery icon.png


A logical starting point for your DEEP engagement. We help you find what components or solutions already exist.  This can be a landscape search for a quick scan or a full-blown systematic review.

Facilitation & support icon.png

& Support

Assistance for members to tap into the DEEP service ecosystem to increase the maturity of assets and facilitate collaboration efforts.

Curation icon.png


Discovered solution components are categorized, evaluated and positioned within the catalogue structures.

Future Services

3rd party services & legal framework icon.png

3rd Party Services

Patient voice, technical prototyping, validation and mission operation services…

Trusted transactions icon.png

Digital Measures Marketplace

DEEP will provide a trusted escrow service, a legal framework for missions and component transactions in the DEEP marketplace

Ananlytics & insights icon.png

Analytics & Insights

Provision of insights, to
discover re-use opportunities and extend component utility. 
Unlocks  future trends, offering a holistic view of the direction of the digital 
measures market

The beta program offers an opportunity to influence and shape this DEEP ecosystem.

Beta prgm
Join us in our quest to benefit life sciences and influence the development of DEEP’s services

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to join an early access programme where you can closely collaborate with key stakeholders to shape the future of DEEP.

Deep beta programme graphic .png

Why join the Beta Programme?

  • Influence the strategic direction and accelerate the development of DEEP 

  • Access to Scientific expertise to optimize your use of DEEP

  • Creation of your own private digital component catalogue

  • Access to public asset catalogues

  • Two facilitated missions per year 

  • View and join public missions

  • Full access to a current Regulatory Feedback pilot mission
  • Sponsorship packages to accelerate DEEP

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