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How DEEP supports digital measure development

Digital Measure Builder

A better way to construct digital measures

Structure and evaluate measures, identify evidence gaps, align with regulatory standards, and re-use content in various solutions.

Private & Public Catalogs

Store content privately or collaborate for efficiencies and harmonization

Discover meaningful aspects of health to measure;  supporting  evidence, standards and regulatory requirements, as well as technical solutions that could work for you.

Development Platform

Find the right development partners 

Develop measures faster with a collaboration platform. Build your regulatory dossier.  Develop privately, co-create with internal teams or with external partners.

Specialist Services

Tap into a network of expert service providers


DEEP offers strategic and regulatory consultancy. You can also tap into a network of service providers that add specific expertise throughout the measure development process - from definition through to regulatory qualification.  

Interest Register

Unlock opportunities in the marketplace

The interest register is the starting point for missions, where you can advertise your intention to collaborate or need for services to complete your measure. DEEP plays a matchmaking role in finding you the right partners.

Join the DEEP Early Access Program

The DEEP solution is being co-created with member organizations that share this vision. We have launched an Early Access Program to deliver the solutions that help scale the adoption of digital measures for key use cases.

This is a limited time program, so contact us now to find out more. 

We invite you to co-create to shape the future of human health

DEEP Global Advocacy Network

The advocacy network aims to shape the digital measures environment and coordinates advocacy activities to enable more effective development and regulatory acceptance of digital measures accelerating their uptake in life sciences.

DEEP Innovation Forum

The forum co-creates the DEEP platform and services to directly deliver pragmatic solutions to address key needs of the ecosystem developing digital measures.

- Structured measures for clinical trials -
- Faster development process -
- Optimised for regulatory acceptance -


Digital measures unlock insights into human health, but developing them is complex. 
DEEP simplifies and optimizes the end-to-end process from definition to regulatory acceptance enabling their use in drug development and beyond.

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How DEEP supports drug development

01 Exploratory Phase

Discover, prototype and strategize the development of novel measures for your asset. 

02 Early Development Phase

Identify digital solutions, optimize your validation work and collaborate in the development of novel measures.

03 Late Development Phase

Establish regulatory acceptance for the use of novel measures in your pivotal trials and build your regulatory dossier.

04 Post Approval & Marketing

Repurpose your measures to create a solution for use in clinical practice and post-approval settings.

Our aim is to improve human health

We believe that digital health technologies are underutilized in managing human health. Developing patient-centric digital measures is complex, time-consuming and costly. Regulatory acceptance is difficult to achieve, hindering adoption.


DEEP seeks to connect, not compete.  We work with pharmaceutical organisations, technology companies, expert service providers, health authorities, academia and patient groups to advance the development and adoption of digital measures for use in clinical trials. 

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