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Join DEEP to collaboratively develop digital measures of health

The Digital Measures Ecosystem For You

News & Updates

Don't miss out the upcoming webinars on the EMA Pilot, co-organized with DiMe. In this series you will hear about the advancements on nocturnal scratch, the regulatory feedback and future applications.

Mobilise-D Consortium will be sharing their outcomes and learnings in Edinburgh on 20 March. Mobilise-D is one of the key focus areas for the DEEP-EFPIA IMI Pilot project. Chris Jones and John Batchelor from the DEEP team will be visiting the conference.

14th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe:

This special event brings together people from big and small pharmaceutical companies to discuss the challenges and innovations in clinical development in the EU


A world where digital measures transform human health by unlocking meaningful, people-centric insights.


Drug Approval

Drug approval faces limitations due to outcome measures that not always capture aspects of health that are meaningful to patients and are often subjective


DEEP enables the efficient development and validation of meaningful outcome measures that capture patients true lived experience

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Digital measures in health


Digital Measures

Digital measures are expensive to develop and are faced with complex challenges that hinder the progression of patient-centric drug development


DEEP accelerates the adoption of digital measures by providing a digital platform to connect the various stakeholders in the ecosystem

DEEP in 60 Seconds

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