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Revolutionising Digital Health: A Case Study with Mobilise-D and the DEEP Stack Model
25 June 2024

Join DEEP Measures for an exclusive webinar showcasing groundbreaking research conducted as part of the IHI Sustainability Pilot, sponsored by EFPIA. Discover how we have structured research outcomes from the Mobilise D initiative into the DEEP Stack model, a standardised framework for digital measures. Learn how this approach can transform research impact, accelerate the development of digital measures, and enhance collaboration within public-private partnership and beyond.

Key Highlights:

- DEEP Measures IHI Sustainability Pilot: Explore novel mechanisms and frameworks for ensuring the long-term value and reusability of research outcomes.

- Mobilise D Case Study: Understand how Mobilise D results integrated into the structured DEEP Stack model.

- Leadership Panel: Representatives of Mobilise D, EFPIA, DEEP and other stakeholders on the broader implications of this work for the legacy and future of public-private partnerships.

Speakers (More speakers will be announced):

- Lynn Rochester, Academic Lead of IMI Mobilise-D Consortium, Professor of Human Movement Science at Newcastle University

- Sini Eskola, Director Regulatory Strategy, EFPIA

- Kai Langel - CEO, DEEP Measures

- John Batchelor - Science Liaison, DEEP Measures

June 2024

Webinar Series | Digital Measurement of Nocturnal Scratch: New Developments

Building upon the collaborative work of DiMe in advancing nocturnal scratch as a digital endpoint for atopic dermatitis and the follow-up work conducted in collaboration with DEEP, we will host webinar sessions on:

Webinar 1 (4 June 24): Recent Regulatory Feedback

Webinar 2 (11 June 24): Updated from R&D on Algorithms and Tools

Webinar 3 (18 June 24): Processes, Validation, and Adoption


  • Thorsten Vetter, EMA

  • Wendy Smith Begolka, National Eczema Association

  • Bola Grace, GSK

  • Carrie Northcott, Pfizer

  • Christine Cong Guo, ActiGraph

  • Dina Katabi, MIT, Emeral Innovations

  • Jaydev Thakkar, Biofourmis

  • John Batchelor, DEEP Measures

  • Lada Leyens, DEEP Measures

  • Michael Benecky UCB

  • Steven Xu, Northwestern University, Sonica Health

  • Sylvain Zorman, ActiGraph

  • Tarik Tardibi, Takeda

  • Thomas Switzer, Genentech

  • Lucy Cesnakova, DiMe

  • Jennifer Goldsack, DiMe

Don't miss this opportunity to register now to secure your spot in our webinar series. Join us along with DiMe, EMA, FDA and other industry colleagues as we chart a course toward a future where digital measurements guide us toward a deeper understanding of patients' conditions and everyday experiences.

May 2024

14th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe

7-8 May 2024

This exclusive event brings together attendees from established pharma, large and small, alongside biopharmaceutical companies and allows diving into the operational challenges and innovations in clinical development within the EU.

Date & Location: 7-8 May 2024 | Barcelona

Session Name: Expert Conversation: Strategic Considerations for End-to-End Development of Fit-For-Purpose Digital Measures of Health 


  • Chris Jones, DEEP Measures - Moderator

  • Upinder Grewal, Bayer - Industry Expert

  • John Batchelor, DEEP Measures - Science & Technical Expert

May 2024

Mobilise-D Conference 2024
March 20

DEEP will be joining to the upcoming Mobilise-D event where they will sharing results, achievements and valuable lessons learned. Mobilise-D is a notable effort in shaping the future direction of digital mobility assessment, and their outcomes are used in the DEEP-EFPIA Pilot that is currently ongoing.

Date & Location: 20 March 2024 | Edinburgh

Attendees from DEEP: Chris Jones, John Batchelor

March 2024

DIA Europe 2024 | Brussels

12-14 March

Next month at DIA Europe in Brussels, Cathelijne de Gram will be representing DEEP Global Advocacy Network (GAN) with the topic "Strength in Unity: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration for Digital Health Success" in Clinical Trials with Decentralised Elements session. Don't miss the chance to hear more about the learnings and best practices of pre-competitive collaboration with examples from DEEP's ongoing projects and pilot.

Date & Location: 13 March 2024 | Brussels

February 2024

Read on why digital measures matter for drug development

This is a short and enjoyable read on why digital measures matter for drug development - DEEP acknowledges and supports the importance of digital health measures.

"Pharmaceutical companies have not fully utilised the potential of digital measures in clinical trials due to their high cost and lack of standardised applications across therapeutic areas." HealthXL LinkedIn Post

"By embracing digital measures, pharma can accelerate drug development, improve patient outcomes. Pharma can and will continue to compete on assets, but should not compete on (digital) endpoints. We require industry collaborations in order to usher in a new era of medicine." via the HealthXL and Biofourmis Report

November 2023

Recognition In Innovation

The Innovation Award honours outstanding achievements in the deployment and successful implementation of innovative ideas, which could include new ideas for efficiency, productivity and processes.

The focus is on recognising outstanding achievements, delivered in the past three years, in the deployment and successful implementation of innovative ideas, together with rewarding individuals or organisations that embrace new and advanced ways to enhance the regulatory affairs profession.

FINALIST - DEEP-EFPIA collaboration, Finland/Belgium

September 2023

Slush 2023 - The Most Founder Focused Event On Earth

DEEP is one of the Top100 Startups, selected out of 1000+ applications at Slush 2023! 🚀

We would like to thank everyone who has been co-creating DEEP along its journey. Our mission to change the way human health is measured is being recognized!

September 2023

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